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Google Replaces 4-year Technical College Degree with 6-month Certificate.

Google launches 6-month certificate program in high-paying, high-growth job fields. Intends to replace 4-year technical college degree. Checkout all the details of this brilliant move from the tech-giant.

BYJU'S acquires WhiteHat Jr.

BYJU’S Acquires WhiteHat Jr. For $300M

BYJU’s – The Learning App – acquired the Mumbai based start-up WhiteHat Jr in a $300M all-cash deal. With revenue numbers touching $150M in the month of June, did WhiteHat Jr. made the exit way too early? 

Indian Government Bans 47 More Chinese Apps. PUBG & 275 Others Under Scrutiny

After the initial ban on 59 Chinese apps of the likes of TikTok & WeChat, GOI brought down the hammer on 47 more apps. Sources say 275 more apps of the likes of PUBG and AliExpress are under scrutiny. Is India hitting China where it hurts the most?